Flying in Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington flying has much to offer for paragliding pilots. These flying sites are located on the leeward side of the Cascade Range and transition from mountain sites such as Leavenworth and Methow Valley, to the foothills and flatlands such as Chelan and Baldy Butte.

Long cross country flights can be made from most of these sites, however the conditions in the summertime require a pilot to have an understanding of micro meteorology and solid glider management skills for flying mid-day.

All of these sites can be quite windy, and the thermal strength at some of the sites such as Chelan can go over 1800 fpm (9 m/s) on a regular basis in the summer. Be cautious when flying any of these sites with in windy/thermic conditions, as they can be quite turbulent.

Things to look for in your weather report for any of the Eastern Washington sites are current and forecasted winds, winds aloft, thermic potential for the day. Humidity and barometric pressure can affect how the texture of the air as well.