Reserve Repacks

Even if it is the piece of equipment that never see’s the sun and seems totally protected in your harness, you’d be surprised how much dirt, debris and sometimes moisture finds its way into your reserve compartment. It’s highly recommended that you get your reserve repacked at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of your flying season. If you even slightly suspect that your reserve has gotten damp or wet, it needs to be repacked. The gores (fabric panels) can stick together and delay or even impede opening altogether.

While you’re getting your reserve repacked it’s a great time to inspect your harness and reserve system. Make sure the pins and area around the pins are clean and free of dirt that could slow down the deployment. Check the attachment mallion to make sure it’s closed all the way, but not too tight. These are usually stainless steel, and don’t like to be over-tightened. Just past finger tight is perfect.

Check out the following items:
Reserve handle to deployment bag: Check the webbing for signs of wear, and make sure where it attaches to the deployment bag is still solid. Reserve Bridle: Check for UV damage and abrasion. Remember to check all the way to the shoulder attachment points, and spread apart the Velcro enclosure. The Velcro here can lock up and not release all the way.

Harness check: Give all the webbing a thorough going over. Don’t disregard the stuff you can’t see hiding under the seat-board. Get in there and check out the webbing that goes through or around the seat-board. This is a common area for wear to take place that you don’t see.

Carabiner Check: Make sure your carabiners are in good shape and the closing mechanism is working properly. If they are the aluminum type, check for deep scratches and replace if necessary. If it’s getting close to that time of year for you, don’t’ hesitate to call. We can usually get your reserve repacked the day we receive it, or whenever you get a chance to stop by.

Note! If you mail it in (to us or anywhere else) be extra careful not to let the bridle get mixed in with the lines, and keep the lines away from Velcro!

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