Denise Reed

After a few skydives, Denise Reed discovered that she loved being under a canopy, floating through the air. At home in Alaska, she saw paragliding for the first time, and knew instantly that this was the sport she had dreamed about. Shortly after learning to fly paragliders, Denise discovered that she wanted it to be a full time part of her life. Leaving behind a career in environmental chemistry, she began a year long apprenticeship at AirPlay Paragliding, learning the art of teaching people how to fly, and became a full time instructor. Through her commitment to quality instruction, Denise was awarded USHGA's 2004 Instructor of the Year. Denise has also received an USHGA Commendation for her efforts to expand the sport of paragliding. Her teaching style and ability to communicate with people puts her students at ease and provides a wonderful learning environment for all.

Denise is currently rated as an Advanced Instructor and Tandem Instructor.

Doug Stroop

Due to his dedication of paragliding instruction, Douglas Stroop recieved the USHPA’s 2004 Instructor of the Year Award. Doug has a strong background instructing outdoor recreational activities, including scuba diving which he instructed for 4 years. He has been striving to bring the same level of professionalism and structure found in the diving industry to the fledgling sport of paragliding. In working to expand public knowledge of paragliding, Doug received a recognition for this from USGHA (United States Hang Gliding Association). Doug left behind a career in the sciences to pursue the opportunity of sharing the sport of paragliding with others who dreamed of flying. Doug is a thoughtful, confident and thorough instructor who seeks success, as well as enjoyment, for each student.

Doug is currently rated as an Advanced Instructor, Instructor and Tandem Instructor Administrator, and is he is the chairman of Safety and Training for USHPA.